Our Mission

“To provide optimal health care to the residents of our community”

Our community’s health care has suffered in recent years due to a dramatic lack of primary care service being available locally. Our primary priority is to improve local access to healthcare services by increasing the number of primary care providers, which will include both physicians and nurse practitioners. We will also improve the comprehensiveness of care delivered.

Family Health Teams are uniquely different than regular physician offices or clinics. Teams are composed of multiple different care providers, not just a single physician. Consultation will occur amongst the team for difficult cases. Non-physician health providers such as dietitians, social workers and pharmacists will work on-site to collaborate and improve patient care.

A new physician funding mechanism encourages high quality care, even if this takes more time. Funding is available for full support of “Information Technology” (computerized patient record systems). Physicians elsewhere in the province have been drawn to the excellent work environment provided in these teams, and we anticipate that physician recruitment into our team will progress easily.