Our Plan

A Prescription for Improved Healthcare in Amherstburg


The Amherstburg FHT Board has planned a three stage process to implementing and expanding our Team.

  • Stage 1 involves a transitional health care facility located near the site of the final Family Health Centre, at the former “Boblo Parking Lot”. During this stage we will operate a small team (two physicians and one nurse practitioner, with administrative support) on-site, while we actively recruit additional physicians and other team members, finalize plans for the Health Centre, raise needed funds, and initiate the Diabetes Management Project. New and existing patients will be rostered to the team at this time.
  • Stage 2 involves completing and occupying the new facility, adding additional practitioners and support staff, fine tuning the developed year one initiatives (Diabetes Project and Senior’s Care project) and recruiting additional physicians to the desired complement of five new full time doctors. Fundraising initiatives will be completed.
  • Stage 3 will see full operations with a complete complement of physicians and other health care providers. Fine tuning of existing initiatives, and two priorities (Cardiovascular Disease Reduction, Mental Health Care and Health Promotion/Disease Prevention) will occur.
  • Completed – Continue to grow